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Website Design

Creating a website for your company is a key part in your promotions but you don't worry about this. We do this in excellent because we have experts.

Website Design

Awesome Website Design Company

Creating a website for your company is a key part in your promotions but you don’t worry about this. We do this in excellent because we have experts.

Now a days every company having their own websites. In fact website is a simple representation of a company. so we follow an artistic approach to design their websites and it shows unique.

There are so many works are involved in Web Designs. Designing the frame work according to the client need choosing technology to do the Web Design is next part.

There are different types of technologies are used to do Web Design some of them are web graphical design interface design authentications coding sections that will be running in background but in front face you can get only the user interface.

We can also able to create integrated database management system with in the Website / Web Applications its nothing but software that runs from the global server.

There are different types of Web Designs are in market some of them are given below the following :

  1. Html 5 Website Design
  2. Dynamic Website Design
  3. WordPress Website Design
  4. E-Commerce Website Design
  5. One Page Website Design

Html 5 Website Design

HTML5 is nothing but the modernization version of hyper text markup language. This is mostly used for creating the websites in W3C Web Design standards.

The  HTML5 designs includes the CSS that is Cascading Style Sheet, Java Script, JQuery and Classic Html Code. This type of Html5 websites are mobile friendly, which means we can able to see the websites in mobile, tab browsers too.


Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic Websites are the websites which can able to change or able to edit or update itself or by the user in the rate of second by second.

There are different types of dynamic websites such as Blogger, WordPress blogs E-Commerce Websites, Bulletin Boards, Forums are the good examples for dynamic websites

The major difference between Static and Dynamic websites are static websites are client side language uses and dynamic websites uses server side language and client side both.

There are different types of languages are used for building dynamic websites major are PHP, ASP.NET, Java Script, etc. Normally the programming codes are compiled and interpreted by the browser shows the content in to end user understandable language.


WordPress Website Design

WordPress is a open source PHP CMS (Content Management System) which is used for creating Websites, Blogs, Web Apps and so on.

This helps us to create in what you seeing is what you get manner and also it allows end user to creates the websites in just drag and drop facility manner

Generally all the WordPress sites are works by using plugins some are already created plugins and some can created by users as they want.


E-Commerce Website Design

E Commerce Websites are also like general websites but some differences are there that shows how it have quite change from other websites.

There are different types of e commerce activities are practiced in markets some of them are given below they are Business to Business, Business to Customer, Customer to Customer, Customer to Business, Business to Administration and Customer to Administration. All the above have some unique characterization but all engaged with trading only.

This e commerce websites are mainly used for doing trading like purchasing and selling products or services online with the others may be a single person or may be a company. All the operations are done through the internet medium. This is the core concept of e commerce websites.

This e commerce websites consists list of products and also integrations of payment gateways.


One Page Website Design

This types of websites are mainly used for Landing Pages, Portfolios, e – brochure and some people use this one page websites to show their Resume or C.V to others.

This one page websites are normally created by using HTML5 coding. But we can also able to create this by using wordpress or wix. Its all up to user convenient.

The one page websites has the characteristic of driven based behavior which means one can able to drive the targeted audience to the specific direction to show what we exactly having with in the website.

To avoid confusions, Now a days people are always prefer one page websites for their representations. Because the navigation allows any direction flow within one page. This is the major specialty of one page websites.

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